Meet Leonard Paxton

Thank you to everyone who recently took the time to jump into Portal B – Name a Character in my exclusive pre-release event for TIME SQUARE | THE SHIFT. I was thrilled at the number of character names nominated, and also the great response to the final voting for a winner from the top 10.

Leonard jumpLeonard Paxton was the clear winner with 46% of the vote, Walter Sneed came in second with 10%. It was a landslide.

So, my character has been named, Leonard Paxton, and I really do think that it suits him.

The name was originally nominated by Sandra, who also left the following comment explaining how she came up with the name.

Based on your description I chose the name Leonard Paxton – Leonard means “Brave Lion” and Paxton means “peaceful”

Congratulations, Sandra. WooHoo! Streamers, confetti, applause. You’ve won a copy of the paperback edition of TIME SQUARE | THE SHIFT. I’ll be in contact with you soon to make arrangements for delivery.

Stay tuned during the next week for the big reveal of the cover design that I’ve chosen, based on the feedback from readers who jumped into Portal A – Choose a Cover. I had a great response there as well.

Those of you who registered for Portal C – Free ARC for Review will also be hearing from me during the week. Keep an eye on your inbox.


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